Wells Beach Senior Portraits, T: Meet Me In The Crowd

Most schools “suggest” you go to a specific photographer for your senior portraits, or they make the requirements so specific that it discourages you from going to someone else. But, even if you have to use your school’s photographer for your yearbook photo, there’s nothing stopping you from hiring someone to photograph the senior photos […]

Wells Beach Senior Portraits, B: Gold and Silver Shine

Seniors are just on the cusp of everything amazing. I love hearing about their plans and not-plans. I love hearing about the college search and the reasons why they chose the schools they did. I mean, you’re talking to a girl who decided not to apply to a school because it had too many trees. […]

Reading Senior Portraits: Look At Them And Sigh

I was incredibly awkward as a teenager. Painfully shy outside of my tight group of friends. Which is why it always surprises me when I meet these teenagers who are so at ease in my presence and who seem to quickly warm up to having their photo taken. J is one of those teenagers. Turns […]

Winchester Senior Portraits: Winchester Senior Portraits: In the Heat of the Sun

This young man is a golf fanatic. Before the weather got too cold, I had the opportunity to photograph him specifically for the yearbook. I also graduated from Winchester High School, so I love photographing the WHS seniors. Some of them, like Taylor here, I’ve known since they were kids. Now look at him – […]

Framingham Senior Session: Here We Are Now

Hockey is a really big part of this family’s life! A couple of years ago, I photographed their older son and his friend for their senior photos. We did the traditional yearbook type stuff, and then had some fun with the hockey jerseys. This time around was no different! And it’s also wonderful to spend […]

Winchester Senior Portraits: Staring at the Sunset

Do you remember being a senior in high school? All that hope and promise and excitement, and even a little fear? Maybe you were going to college in the fall, maybe to work, but everything lay before you – your future. It’s one of the things I love about photographing seniors – they are pulsing […]

Wells Beach Senior Portraits: Your Everlasting Summer

This summer, I had the pleasure of photographing Molly for her senior photo. Let me tell you a little bit about Molly. 1) She is my cousin’s daughter. 2) Somehow she and I ended up with similarly curly hair, although we seem to be the ONLY ones in our very large family with hair like […]

Dancing at Discos, Eating Cheese on Toast

Haley is in the same class as my sister, so when I took Tessa’s senior photos, Haley joined in, too! I think it’s great to bring along a friend to your session. Haley & Tessa each got their own shoot, but they were together, which made it a little more comfortable (and goofy). I had […]

I Want To Be The One To Walk In The Sun

Her favorite nickname for me is “the anal dictator” because apparently she thinks I’m bossy. She likes to drape herself all over me and call me “sis” because she knows it drives me crazy. But, I guess that’s what little sisters are for, even when there’s a 16 year age difference. Tessa is going to […]