New Hampshire Newborn Session, Baby A: She Is My Next of Kin

So, I’m a delinquent because I haven’t even blogged this wedding yet, but I can’t help myself – these newborn photos are too cute to let linger on my computer! I have to share them. This little peanut is the light of her parents’ lives. She arrived a couple of weeks early and she immediately […]

South Shore Newborn Session, Baby J: Before You Cross the Street, Take My Hand

I photographed Cassondra & BJ’s wedding. Then I photographed their son F when he was a newborn. And now I get to show off these beautiful photos of their newest son, Baby J. Together, we’ve been capturing their family history – these sweet moments and interactions that they’ll be able to look back on years […]

Cambridge Newborn Session, Baby A: She Knows I Love Her So

Mom & Dad are absolutely over the moon to finally be holding this little girl in their arms! Little Miss A is a rainbow baby, so you know they had been waiting a long time for her. Babies are such a celebration of life and hope and endless possibilities! This little one was an absolute […]

Lexington Newborn Session: Give Me Life

Oh, the sweetness! This little girl came into the world with a luxurious head of hair! Not to mention a big brother and parents who absolutely adore her! It was such a wonderful treat to spend some time with them – their first photo shoot as a family of four! I’ve been photographing this family […]

Framingham Newborn Session, Baby C: Love, Love, Love

Oh my goodness! What can I even say about this cutie’s newborn session?! When I showed up at the house, Mom already had everything organized for me – outfits, “props,” etc. And boy, did we have some awesome choices! I loved being able to incorporate some family heirlooms and handmade hats/outfits into the photo session. […]

Boston Public Gardens Family Session: Life's One Happy Game

Louie the dog had no idea what he was in for. Not one BUT two little girls. Lots of pink. Lots of squealing. But also lots of hugs and lots of love. I met up with this family at their home near the Public Gardens so we could celebrate the arrival of Baby E with […]

South Shore Newborn Session, Baby F: The Dreams You Plan Really Can Come True

Oh my goodness! Baby F really pulled out all the stops for his newborn session! Mom and Dad weren’t too shabby either! I photographed their wedding a few years ago, and was overjoyed at the opportunity to photograph this new milestone in their lives. Not only can you see how much love they have for […]

Lexington Family Session: The Whole World Whispering

There’s a quote from the movie Parenthood that I absolutely love, and I think about it pretty much every time I photograph families. A little grandmother says, “You know, when I was young, Grandpa took me on a roller coaster. Up and down, up, down. Oh, what a ride. I always wanted to go again. […]

Arlington Newborn Session, Baby W: You Can Stay As Long As You Like

Just a little glimpse into life with this little cutie. Lots of silly faces with the occasional peaceful nap. Lots of snuggles with moms. An adorable little bedroom to call his own. A house absolutely filled to the brim with love.

When these two awesome women got married a couple of years ago, I was […]

Waltham Newborn Session, Baby L: Lullabyes Go On and On

Such a scrumptious little munchkin! Photographing this family is always a joy and to watch them grow from a family of two to a family of three makes my heart happy. This little girl has found herself two amazing parents who absolutely dote on her. You can see in their eyes how much they love […]