Minute Man National Park Family Session: Nights Are Warm & the Days Are Young

I photographed mom & dad’s wedding and once they added a baby to the bunch, we knew it was time for some more family photos! The holidays always inspire families to get some photos done and I just love the way these all turned out. We really wanted to focus on getting everyone together, as opposed to all sorts of little breakdowns, and I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic or cooperative bunch!

OceanCliff Winter Wedding Newport, Kristen & Nate: Life is Like a Song

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a December wedding, and then have your wedding day weather be 60 degrees, then these are the photos for you! As you can imagine, we were all pleasantly surprised when we could take so many photos outside without worrying about frostbite!

Nate and Kristen are one of the best couples ever, so photographing their wedding (and all the emotions that went with it) was easy! Nate is the kind of guy who asked Kristen’s dad for his blessing before he actually proposed. Kristen is the kind of woman who accidentally discovered Nate was planning to propose, but still let it happen naturally. These two genuinely enjoy spending time together, which is always awesome to see. The beach is one of their favorite places to hang out, so Ocean Cliff in Newport made for a perfect venue! With the unseasonably warm weather, everyone got to enjoy the stunning views of Narragansett Bay. Everything was truly perfect.

Kristen and Nate both got ready on-site, but in different areas of the resort. My partner-in-crime, Allana, was on hand to photograph the groom as he prepped and I got to hang out with the bride and her girls. And possibly the cutest ring bearer ever. I mean, he was just to die for. One of the {many} things I loved about this wedding was the genuine emotion it evoked. I don’t want to name any names (all you need to do is look through the photos), but we definitely had some emotional men at this wedding. Seeing them react to seeing Kristen as a bride for the first time, and to seeing her walk down the aisle, well, it just took my breath away. Moments like that are why I do what I do (and why I often tear up doing it). And to all the people out there contemplating a First Look, and wondering if it will detract from seeing each other at the ceremony, I think this set of photos prove it doesn’t have to. There’s something different about seeing each other just to do photos, and maybe relax a little, and then seeing each other at the ceremony when you’re about to make the biggest commitment of your lives. It’s pretty amazing. And then after that, it’s time to celebrate. Which, may I say, Kristen and Nate know how to do in style. They had a giant bottle of Veuve Clicquot that was opened with a saber (and maybe helped along with some hands). The ever-flowing champagne remained one of the couples’ favorite memories of their wedding day. Along with the unplanned moments that stem from being surrounded by your closest family and friends. For example, Kristen’s sister’s dress broke early on in the day. Zipper just wouldn’t work. Instead of freaking out, the dress was safety-pinned and everyone had a great time. No one wasted any worry on it. And at the very end of the wedding, as Kristen and Nate danced their last dance, the remaining guests all swept in and enveloped them in a giant hug. It was a moment they’ll remember forever. You could not ask for a more perfect day.


These are some of the team that helped make Kristen and Nate’s day perfect….

Venue (start to finish): OceanCliff, Newport

Hair & Make-Up: Wavelengths Salon

Wedding Dress: Estee Bridal Shop

Flowers: Toni Chandler Flowers & Events

Cake & Desserts: Amy’s Apples and Devilish Delights

DJ: Main Events Weddings, Bob Carpenter

North Shore Family Session: Play Me One More Song

Just catching up on blogging and I absolutely love photographing this family! At our very first session, they had only one daughter, and now they have two, both of whom are growing up so quickly! We spent a lovely (and chilly) afternoon by the beach. Despite the cold, these guys had no problem looking happy and relaxed. I love seeing families who genuinely enjoy hanging out together. And the beach they chose was awesome – I’m pretty sure it was up in Swampscott, but I could probably never find it again! I really and truly hope these photos have found a way to paper their walls at home – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Santa Monica Beach Family Session: Totally Surrounded In Your Circles

Santa Monica is one of my favorite places in greater Los Angeles. When the Mr. and I lived there, he worked over on the 3rd Street Promenade, so we spent a lot of time hanging out in that area (although very rarely on the actual beach). In a lot of ways, Los Angeles is like New York City in that, if you live in one neighborhood, you only leave it when you absolutely have to. As east coast transplants, we really tried to explore as many neighborhoods as possible. Whenever I go back to visit, it’s pretty awesome to have a good reason to head over to the west side! Lucky for me, this mama also loves the west side! We’ve actually done a couple of really wonderful photo sessions on the beach! This one was no different. I love when sessions give me a chance to catch up with client-friends and their kids! This guy is one of my favorites – full of energy and love. I absolutely adore him, and every chance I have to photograph him.

Santa Monica Family Session: Play Me One More Song

We haven’t had too much of a winter around here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss Los Angeles! It seemed like the perfect time to blog this adorable family session from Santa Monica! I met up with this family at Tongva Park, this amazing new green space in Santa Monica. It was an awesome place to explore and take photos. I usually see this family in Boston, but they had recently relocated to the west coast, so it was perfect timing. I loved being able to photograph them in their new neighborhood! I can’t wait to see what our next session has in store!


Los Angeles Family Session: Come On And Play My Music

So, although I technically started my business in Boston, I really began my photographer life in Los Angeles. My first true family portrait clients were my cousins in Huntington Beach. They had a baby while I was out there for school and I loved photographing him, and then his little brother. Now, I travel back about once a year and I LOVE photographing my larger Los Angeles family! These two are just the bees’ knees! First off, we did this shoot at like 7:30am, because if you know that’s when your baby is in the best mood, that’s totally when we should shoot! And certainly, being slightly on Boston time doesn’t hurt. Also, early sessions mean awesome breakfasts afterwards! And I loved getting able to capture the special bond between mother and daughter. Totally worth getting up for. Any day, any time zone.

Lexington Newborn Session: Give Me Life

Oh, the sweetness! This little girl came into the world with a luxurious head of hair! Not to mention a big brother and parents who absolutely adore her! It was such a wonderful treat to spend some time with them – their first photo shoot as a family of four! I’ve been photographing this family since Big Brother was a newborn himself, so it’s wonderful to see them celebrating this new chapter of their lives! So much love! And you can tell that Big Brother is going to be great at his new job. 🙂

New Hampshire Family Session: Give Me Light

Every year I face the challenge of photographing a million and one adorable families for their holiday cards and/or holiday presents and I never feel truly comfortable sharing all those photos for fear of ruining the surprise! So, I end up with an overwhelming amount of cuteness just waiting to be blogged! This is one such family! I’ve been photographing them since we did mom’s maternity session for the oldest and it’s been a wonderful ride! What started out with one awesome little girl, is now three awesome little kids! And I love seeing which photo they choose to be on their Christmas card every year! Any guesses?


Framingham Newborn Session, Baby C: Love, Love, Love

Oh my goodness! What can I even say about this cutie’s newborn session?! When I showed up at the house, Mom already had everything organized for me – outfits, “props,” etc. And boy, did we have some awesome choices! I loved being able to incorporate some family heirlooms and handmade hats/outfits into the photo session. And Baby C was a dream! A total natural in front of the camera. Mom and Dad weren’t so bad themselves! And we can’t forget Bogie the dog! Not to be outdone, he made sure to wiggle his way into some photos. Something tells me he’s a great playmate and protector for this little one. What made this session really special was that this family knew they were going to be moving in just a short while, so we also wanted to capture the house they brought their baby home to. I think that’s really important, so that years from now, they can look at the photos and say, “See? This was your first home. This is where we first became a family.”

Gloucester Engagement Session: Part of You Pours Out of Me

Many moons ago, Natasha’s dad and my dad played on a softball team together. I grew up going to the games and thinking of the guys on the team as family. It makes my heart happy that so many of them still are (even though most of them, including my dad, have retired their softball jerseys). Natasha’s dad was the first to reach out to me about her engagement and wedding. Everything was going to move fairly quickly because they just wanted to do something small, but I wanted to make sure we still squeezed in an engagement session. Although I’ve known Natasha her whole life (literally), I had never met Paul and I wanted us to get some quality time together before the wedding. They were totally game and decided we should do their engagement photos in the spot where Paul proposed. Now, most people who know me know I’m not exactly an outdoorsman, but when you cloak it in the guise of a shoot, I’m pretty much up for anything. Including hiking up a mountain, which is what we needed to do (maybe a slight exaggeration). Luckily I had brought the Mr. along to carry the camera bag. We had a fantastic time in the woods and the light was amazing! It also felt like an honor that Natasha and Paul shared this special place with us. I think they even thought about holding their wedding ceremony up there, but realized it might not work logistically. 🙂 These are some of my favorites from our afternoon together!